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Agricultural Economy and Social Development Institute invited American Experts to Our Institute to Conduct Academic Exchanges

             Release time:2017-11-22

  On June 19, Agricultural Economy and Social Development Institute invited Dr. Nicholas昍eida from Bureau for Economic Research in American Ministry of Agriculture and Professor Wang Chenggang from Dezhou Polytechnics in Shandong University to conduct academic exchanges with the theme of totalfactor productivity and agricultural production economies of scale. With the deputy director Wang Jimin presiding over the meeting, all scientific research personnel, doctors and postgraduates in the Institute attended the academic seminar.
  Dr. Nicholas昍eida made an academic report entitled Global Agricultural Productivity Growth: An Assessment of international Agricultural Productivity Project of Bureau for Economic Research in American Ministry of Agriculture. By means of national and regional database in United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and in combination with input and output data of other agricultural worldwide, this report, after adopting econometric model, calculated the totalfactor productivity of the world抯 major countries and made conclusion and summary on the evolution law of totalfactor productivity in different periods. Professor Wang Chenggang delivered an academic report with the title of An Assessment of China抯 Calling on Farmers to Expand Scale of Operation, which, by making use of the microcosmic survey data of Chinese farmers, made detailed analysis and explanation of characteristics of evolution of the scale of grain production household in many provinces in China.
  Researchers and postgraduates present conducted an in-depth discussion and exchange with the reporter on the setting of model, selection of variables, and rationality of the sample data. the atmosphere was warm and the academic atmosphere deep.

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