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Sino-Germany Agricultural Technology Cooperation is started

             Release time:2017-11-22

           On Apr. 24, 2017, Sino-Germany Agricultural Technology Cooperation (a governmental project) jointly charged by IAED and Germany Cultivated Plant Research Center had the application of system evaluation method in agricultural science and decision support officially implemented. The start-up ceremony was charged byXiudong Wang. On the start-up ceremony, Sijing Li, secretary of the party committee of IAED, and Doctor Ralf Wihelm, person in charge of Germany party and director of Safety Research Institute of Plant Biotechnology of Germany Cultivated Plant Research Center, made speeches on the ceremony. 20 trainers and trainees from IAED, including Shiping Mao, (a researcher and the Director of IAED Scientific Research Office), Wu Jingxue (researcher) and Wangming Yan (researcher) were invited to attend this start-up ceremony.
      According to the resolutions made on the 23rd meeting organized by Ministry of Agriculture of PRC and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumers Protection of Deutscher Bund, there were 42 projects about Sino-Germany agricultural cooperation from 2016 to 2017 . Among these projects, the project “application of system evaluation method in agricultural science and decision support” was the first project undertaken by IAED, which was also the only approved project in the field of agricultural policy research.
      When making the speech, Sijing Li said that the start-up of this project was an action reflecting the document signed by Prime Minister Keqiang Li and Merkel --- The Action Outline of Sino-German Cooperation, which stands for that cooperation between IAED and Germany Cultivated Plant Research was officially started. This project had a great meaning and importance for the evaluation and research on the agricultural polices launched in China and Germany, for deepening the exchange between researchers from China and Germany, as well as pushing forward the construction of IAED’s think bank.
       Ralf presented his great appreciation for the great support made by IAED and Xiudong Wang for the project preparation. He said that Germany Cultivated Plant Research Center is one of the five research centers directly subsidiary to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Deutscher Bund, which has always been working actively on pushing forward the cooperation and exchange with research institutes in China. Depending on system evaluation method and CADIMA training, this project will greatly help Chinese scientists’ study on agricultural policy. It will help Chinese scientists to form a new mode in international cooperation.
      According to the project plan, after the start-up ceremony, this project will have its 1st phase academic activities done in Beijing. From Apr. 24 to 25, training on system evaluation will be held in IAED. On the training, Doctor Ralf and Doctor Christian Kohl made a detailed introduction on how to use system evaluation method and the CADIMA tools. Meanwhile, they had a communication with the 20 trainees. On Apr. 26, persons in charge of Sino-Germany Scientific Cooperation Project went to Sino-Germany Agriculture Center Office in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to have a negotiation about the cooperation. Doctor Marco Roelcke from Sino-Germany Agriculture Center introduced the sponsor plans and cooperation mode of the cooperation; then together with Xiudong Wang and Ralf, he discussed the cooperation route which might be used in the future. On Apr. 27, IAED and Germany Cultivated Plant Research Center held an international and advanced academic seminar about Sino-German agricultural technology cooperation and research. The seminar was hosted by Xiudong Wang, more than 10 trainees and trainers including Doctor Marco Roelcke, Wangming Yan (researcher) and Delin Huang (researcher) etc. Six scientists from China and Germany made theme speeches on the seminar and had a warm discussion with the trainees and trainers.
   Because of the implementation and start-up of this project, China and Germany successfully fulfilled the training on system evaluation method and CADIMA. Also, China and Germany had a deep exchange on the progress of research on agricultural technology. After the exchange, both parties got an agreement on deepening the cooperation. In the future, both parties will work hard to push forward the exchange between Chinese scientists and Germany scientists, and both parties will set up scientific platforms and carry out the dialogue for policy evaluation. At the 1st phase, all targets are fulfilled. As it is set in the plan, the 2nd phase academic activities will be held in Quedlinburg, Germany.

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