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Catalogue of Research on Agricultural Economy and Technological Development 2011

             Release time:2015-11-27


Comprehensive Chapter

Suggestions about Key Enterprise Development---Qin Fu, Zhong Yu

Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Development of Urban and Rural integration—Wu Jingxue, Wang Zhidan

international Comparisons on Agricultural Modernization Development Level—Xin Ling

Analysis on Rural Land Policy Evolutions Since Reform and Opening—Chen Yangfen

Right Protection on Public Service of Reform of Chinese Household Register System and Rural Labor Force—Gao Yun

Comparisons and Analysises on Sino-US Agricultural industry Correlation Effect Based on the input-output Model—Liu Heguang, Pan Qilong, Xie Sina

Comparisons on Attitudes of China-Japan Consumers for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certify Agricultural Products—Based on Findings of Beijing and Dongjing—Zhou Hui, Nanshi Huangming, Heqi Yingnan

Farming Economy Chapter

Analysis on Global Food Security Governances and Trends—Li Xian’de, Wang Shihai

Analysis on Price fluctuation Characteristics and influence Factors of Wheat—Qian Jingfei, Li Ninghui

the Status, Problem and Prospect about Corn Deep Scarification in Northeast China Regions—Lv Kaiyu, Zhang Chongshang, Zhang Xuemei

Economic Analysis on Climatic Variations Based on China Agriculture Multi-regional CGE Model for Food Security influences—Take Paddy for Example—Huang Delin, Li Ximing

the Development Status, Problem and Policy Suggestion on Watermelon and Melon industy—Zhang Lin, Yang Yantao, Wu Jingxue

 Animal Husbandry Economy Chapter

influences on Livestock Husbandry Development for Being in WTO for Ten Years—Wang Zuli, Wang Jinmin

Development Status and Future Trends of Beef Production in Pasturing Area and Semi-husbandary Counties—Yang Chun

Comparations ans Analysises on Broiler Production Efficiency Scales—Xin Xiangfei, Wang Jimin

investtigation Report on Livestock and Poultry Farm Water Pollution Control investment and Operation Costs—Huang Ren, Hu Xiangdong

General Situations and Development Characteristics of Sheep Husbandry at Home and Abroad—Liu Chunfang, Wang Jimin

Evaluations on Bee Transportation Green Channel Policy—Sun Cuiqing, Zhao Zhijun, Su Feifei

the Fine Breeding and Extension Surey of Bees---Liu Jian, Yan Zhili

Reflection about influences of Alfalfa industry Development on Food Security—Wang Mingli, Yang Chun

 Resources and Environment Economy Chapter

Study on Counter Measures of National Soil Organic Matter Promotion—Zhu Lizhi, Qiu Jun

Strategy on China Food Crisis and Agricultural Resource Exploitation--Liang Shumin, Wei Sai, Liu Lili

Pre-test for Rural Biogas Management System—Qiu Jun

Principal Aspects on the Entironment Impact Monitoring and Evaluation—Fang Jing, Xie Tiancheng, Zhu Lizhi

Suggestions on Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution Status and the Comprehensive Control—Wei Sai


 Study on Sustainable Development Mode in “Qingjiang Yuan” Modern Agricultural Science Technology Area—Jiang Heping, Jiang Jing, Zhong Xin

Comparation and Study on Rural Special Technology Associations and Farmers‘ Professional Cooperative—Xia Ying, Zhan Hui

Study on Cross-strait Agricultural Cooperation Based on Regional Complementation—Zhao Yifu, Ren Ai’rong

Taiwan Leisure Agriculture Marketing Strategy and the Development Enlightenment for Continent---Zhou Xiangyang, Ren Ai’rong, Zhao Yifu, Xue Li

Analysis on Implementation Ststus and Effect investigation of Agricultural Capital Comprehensive Subsidy Policy in Gushi County, Henan Province---Cui Qifeng, Jiang Heping, Zhou Ning

Research on New National Poverty Problems in Rural Areas—Xie Linghong

Development of Agricultural Leisure tourism industry in Regional Level—Yang Jinghua, Xu Yuexian

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