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Catalogue of Research on Agricultural Economy and Technological Development 2012

             Release time:2015-11-27

industrial Economy and Policy Chapter

Divisions and Experience Summaries in the Development Phase of Livestock and Poultry industry---Wang Zuli, Wang Jimin

Analysis on Historical Trends, Statuses and influencing Factors of Chicken Consumption---Xin Xiangfei, Wang Jimin

Research on Supply Responses of Beef Products Based on Nerolve Model---Yang Chun, Wang Mingli

Analysis on Variationn of Supply-demand Changes and Trends of Aquatic Products---Sun Weilin, Liu Pei

Fluctuation in Production and Cause Analysis of Potatoes of China---Liu Heguang, Xie Sina

Analysis on Supply and Demand and Price Fluctuation of Cereal Market---Liu Hui, Li Ninghui

Technical Economy and Policy Chapter

Research on Performance Evaluation of Agricultural Science and Technology Transformation Fund—Zhang Lin, Wu Jingxue, Wang Zhidan

Analysis on influences of Grain Farmers’ Comprehensive Subsidy to the Productive Factor input—Cui Qifeng, Zhou Ning, Sun Cuiqing, Wu Yingyi

Agricultural Modernization Evaluation about China Counties—Xin Ling, Jiang Heping, Liu Xueyu

the Appropriate Scale of Operation in Agriculture: theoretical Connotation and the Realization Route—Jiang Heping, Jiang Hui

Agricultural Products Market and Trade Chapter

Adapt to Needs of Urban Development Situation, Rerinforce Construction of Agricultural Products Wholesale Market--- Qin Fu, Liu Heguang

Analysis and Prospect of World Corn Market Trades and Policies-Yang Yantao, Qin Fu

European Common Agricultural Policy Reform and Trend—Li Xian’de, Yang Lianna

Analysis of Negotiation Node and Adaptability of China-Australia Free Trade Area—Based on the Analysis of Dynamic GTAP Model—Huang Delin, Li Xinxing

Rural Development and Policy Chapter

Basic Patterns and Countermeasures of industrial Development in New Small Cities and towns—Zhu Lizhi, Qiu Jun, Wei Sai

Development and Countermeasure and Suggestion of Rural Loan Society—Based on the Research in Lishu County, Jilin Province—Xia Ying, Cao Ruhua, Zhang Yanming

Development and Imitation about Taiwan Agricultural Cooperative—Zhao Yifu, Ren Ai’rong

Research on Cultivation Pathwaies of New Professional Taiwan Peasants—Zhou Xiangyang

Promote Safety Control for Agricultural Products by Cultivating New Professional Peasants—Wei Sai, Zhu Lizhi

Study of influences of Climatic Variations for Farmers' Livelihood—Liu Jing, Li Meijuan

Process and Research Progress about Distribution Adjustment Policy of Rural Middle and Primary Schools—Sun Cuiqing, Cui Qifeng

Social Management and Group Distance—From Survey of Mass Disturbances Happened in Z City—Gao Yun, Zhang Jiangxue

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