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Overview of Innovation Culture

             Release time:2017-11-22

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was established in 1958 and is the earliest national non-profit research Institute specializing in the research of agricultural economic and policies in New China. For over 50 years, under the correct leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development always takes responsibility and insists on promoting agricultural development, rural prosperity and enriching farmer and strives to carry out public welfare, infrastructure and prospective study from the reality of China's agriculture and rural economic development; the Institute always adheres to production-orientation and service decisions in light of major and key issues in China's agricultural economy and rural development and drawing on international experience so as to promote Innovation and research of agricultural and rural development road with Chinese characteristics. A series of important theoretical and practical application achievements have been made, thus forming integrated and multidisciplinary research advantages with a combination of natural and social sciences, a combination of technological science and economic science, a combination of macro and micro research, providing a powerful decision-making services for our government to crack "Three Rural Issues", which made ​​a positive contribution for the development of agricultural economy discipline.

in recent years, according to the arrangements and requirements of leading Party group and Party organs directly under Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Institute carries out the construction of Innovation culture closely centered on the building objectives---"Three Centers, one Base", through summary, carding and refining institute's cultural gene and has constructed core value systems---including vision, mission, core values, motto and the like; action-oriented systems---including scientific thought, management practices, team concepts, workers' basic moral principles; and environmental optimization systems---including standardization construction of visual identity, design of visual concepts and so on, forming a theme culture which features "passion".Through Innovation culture, the cohesion and solidarity of our Institute has been greatly improved; and a relaxed and orderly environment for scientific research, progressive culture, as well as the unified and harmonious interpersonal relationships are being formed, which effectively promotes the development of various undertakings and causes.

Construction of Innovation culture is spiritual motivation to achieve scientific development and continuing Innovation and an effective approach to enhance the core competitiveness and build a first-class research and Innovation team. We will inherit and carry forward the endless fine cultural traditions of the institute, passing the torch along with the pace of the times, and blaze new trails for the development of China's modern agriculture and building a new socialist countryside, and gradually solve the issues of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" to make new contributions.

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