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Brief Introduction of Agricultural Policy Advisory Group, CAAS

             Release time:2017-11-22

in order to make effective use of policy analysis platform of National Agricultural Policy Analysis and Decision Support System Key Laboratory in CAAS, researchers and post doctors go deep into realities to investigates and research on the policy focus, important points and difficult points during the development of our country agriculture and rural economic. They will supply with scientific decision service for making agricultural policy for country and solving the problems of agriculture, farmer and rural area, which gives full play to the roles as the expert advisor in high-level guidance. Relying on the policy expert advisory group and post doctors guidance group of National Agricultural Policy Analysis and Decision Support System Key Laboratory, advisory group of  agricultural economic and policy , CAAS has been set up in 2005 (Hereafter refer to as Advisory Group). There are 15 members in totaluntil June, 2011. The Secretariat of Advisory Group is set up in the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, in charge of the arrangement and management of daily affairs of Advisory Group.

I. Major Functions

To determine the annual research subject of open laboratory and research thought. Doing guidance and review on the subject to make sure the topic corresponded with the actual needs.

To evaluate the research achievement so as to ensure the research is strategic, forward-looking and practicable.

To provide guidance for the basic, public welfare research of open laboratory to ensure the plan of research has pertinence and directivity.

To guide the expanding of transformation and application channel for research achievements to ensure macro decision making give full play to the role of service.

To organize the preparation of internal material Judgment and Thinking for the reference of national related department and central leader when making decision.

To guide the Postdoctoral Research Fellow

To come up with and determine research topic for Postdoctoral Research Fellow who are on the plan of being brought in.

To guide the annual job interview work of Postdoctor and determine the list of Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the annual original selection.

To guide new Postdoctoral Research Fellow to do preliminary research and do theory and practical guidance for the recruited Postdoctoral Research Fellow on subject framework and job contents. 

(1)     To guide Postdoctoral Research Fellow do research work and transform the research achievement into policy proposal.

(2)    To provide other necessary support for Postdoctoral Research Fellow so as to carry out the research work.

Operation Management

Advisory Group carries out activities every year. Secretariat comes up with proposal for the topic in advance as needed and after fully communication with related person, the proposal will be submitted to Advisory Group Director for approval.

2.The members of Advisory Group also take on the duties of Postdoctoral Mentor.

3. The operation fund of Advisory Group and research fund of Postdoctor will be mainly solved by CAAS itself and with the support of related department, unit and structure.

4. Secretariat is in charge of specific affairs of Judgment and Thinking and arrangement and organizational management of Advisory Group activities.

Research Achievements

1、With the important theory and practical problems of Chinese agriculture and rural economy development, carry out research on agriculture rural economy and policy. The research not only reflects the foresight of national agricultural policy, but also represents of the trend of national agriculture and rural economy development. It can meet the needs of provincial, municipal and local agriculture and rural economy development at the same time. The research can provide reference for decision making to solve the problems of agriculture, farmer and rural area.

2、Research achievements belong to Advisory Group and CAAS jointly.

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