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Brief Introduction of National Agricultural Policy Open Laboratory

             Release time:2017-11-22

The project “Open Lab of national agricultural policy analysis and decision support system” is applied for by CAAS, approved by Ministry of Finance and World Bank, carried out by Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, CAAS. the general goal of the project is national agricultural goal oriented. Take Chinese agriculture’s development to a new level after joining WTO. Set up national agricultural policy analysis and decision support system to supply scientific decision support for national agricultural policy and provide with effective service for solving the problems of agriculture, farmer and rural area. Specific goals includes: setting up agricultural policy analysis and decision support system, setting up database of national agricultural economy and policy, training a group of senior agriculture policy analysts who can provide with scientific decision support information as per related decision department’ request.

Department in charge and executing units pay a lot of attention to the project since it has been started in October, 2003. They did much survey, investigation, system simulation analysis and decision making work successively. Meanwhile adopt modern information technology by international seminar and setting up consulting team and many other theories and methods such as econometrics, mathematical economics, public economics to establish programming of subsystem in different fields and networking policy analysis platform. It covers 14 model systems such as the database of Chinese agricultural policy, CGE of agriculture department and other departments and so on. By the demonstration of Chinese policy effects and report system, supporting with related special economy analysis software and statistical software, the link of the whole model system is realized. Therefore agricutural policy analysis and decision support is realized visualization, integration, informatization and networking, which plays a very important role in researching on domestic even interntional agricultural economy, agricultural policy analysis and decision consult.

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