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Xia Ying and Liu Jing, Two Researchers Attended the International Conference - Water Sustainable Use of Climate Change Adaptation in APEC Area

             Release time:2018-06-29

  Xia Ying and Liu Jing, as invited by Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture and funded by APEC project, went to San Diego, Chile and attended the international conference—Water Sustainable Use of Adaptation of Climate Change in APEC Area during November 27 to December 3, 2017.
     More than 70 representatives from China, America, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, UNCSD and APEC Organization gathered together and shared the experience of small farmers of main economies of APEC dealing    with the climate change, and discussed policy measures for small farmers to deal with climate change in the future.
    With the arrangement of conference sponsor, Xia Ying and Liu Jing delivered the keynote speech named Chinese Government Policy Measures about Adaptation of Climate Change and Water Management Practice that Chinese Small Farmers Dealing with Climate Change separately. The efforts made by Chinese farmers for dealing with climate change have attracted the interest of representatives and caused wide communications and interactions.
    The participation of two researchers expanded the academic influence of Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development in the world, and improved and deepened our communication of agricultural economic research with Chile and other Latin America countries, and promoted our cooperation with above-mentioned international research institutions.

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