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Li Xiande and Chen Yangfen Participating the 43rd Congress of Committee on World Food Security

             Release time:2017-11-22

    At the invitation of UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Committee on World Food Security (CFS), and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Li Xiande and Chen Yangfen, separately the researcher and associate researcher of our Institute went to Italy along with the delegations of Ministry of Agriculture and took part in the 43rd Congress of CFS which was held in the headquarter of CFS between the 17th and 21st October.    
   The Congress, with the theme of sustainable food system, nutrition and climate change, focused to review the following topics, including the role of animal husbandry in the promoting of the food security and nutrition by sustainable agricultural development, as well as small farmer integrating with the market, and conducted the discussion on CFS involved in implementing “2030 Sustainable Development Agenda”, global food security and nutrition strategy, monitoring the implementation for various decisions and suggestions of CFS, as well as urbanization and rural transformation. CFS’s 116 member countries and 8 non-member countries, as well as the representatives of 10 UN institutions, 123 civil society organizations, 2 international agricultural research organizations, 2 international and regional financial institutions, 84 private sector associations and private charitable foundation as well as 44 observers, attended the meeting.   
   Our delegation made the keynote speech on sustainable food system, nutrition and climate changes, exchanged the experience of various countries for China to implement 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and actively participated in the discussion of such topics as sustainable agricultural development promoting the food security and nutrition, including the role of animal husbandry, small farmer integrating with the market: policy suggestion, voluntary codes for responsible governance of ownership—global theme activities and “urbanization and rural transformation as well as forum of the influence on food security and nutrition. Our Institute has organized the expert consultation meeting for the related topics for two times before attending the meeting.
   CFS secretariat, which is in the Food and Agriculture Organization and whose core funding support is provided by three institutions of UN food and agriculture (Food and Agriculture Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development and World Food Programme) is a global forum responsible for reviewing food security policy. CFS holds the plenary session in Rome FAO every October. Its vision is to become the most inclusive international and inter-governmental platform, make all stakeholders able to work together in a coordinated way, and ensure everyone obtains the food security and nutrition.

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