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Staff Codes of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

             Release time:2017-11-24


一、First, love the motherland, serve the people. Safeguard national interests and honor, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and adhere to the socialist road with Chinese characteristics.

二、Second, be dedicated to work and concerned about "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". Love the cause of agricultural technology, conscientiously perform duties, strive and contribute wisdom for the development of agricultural science and technology.

三、Third, study hard and progress proactively. Study political theories and professional knowledge, and continuously improve working abilities and level, striving for excellent job performance.

四、Fourth, advocate science and Innovation. Follow objective laws, tell truth, do practical work, seek practical results, pursue truth, act boldly and brave Innovation.

五、Fifth, insist on honesty and trust, unity and mutual assistance. Abide by professional ethics and social morality, promote team spirit, and advocate integrity and civilized fashion.

六、Sixth, be law-abiding, fair and honest. Abide by the Constitution and all laws and regulations, comply with regulations and disciplines of the institute, and insist on equal treatment and just.

七、Seventh, be diligent and thrifty, hard work and plain living. Establish a correct outlook on life and values, be frugal and caring for public property without extravagance and waste.

八、Eighth, healthy taste and harmonious relationships. Love life, love nature, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, participate in healthy activities, be courteous, civilized and friendly.

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